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This is a selection of promo beats from Flo Futur.

Jolene Disko Bouncer [MP3]

Dirtee Drumz [MP3] [Zoomable Raps Remix]

Medchen [MP3]

Rodriguez [MP3]

I Need A Place In The Sun [MP3]

P zum Orno [MP3]

Communicate [MP3]

Kung Fu Master [MP3]

Shaolin Rumble [MP3] [Don't_Say_Nuthin' Remix]

Instrumentarious [MP3]

Sunshyne [MP3]

Aight [MP3]

Blue Blue Bossa [MP3]

Daylight Saving Time [MP3]

Warm Winter Pattern [MP3]

Speed In Your Feet [MP3]

Thoughts About You [MP3]

Hot May [MP3]

Im Juli (Nick mit dem Kopf) [MP3]

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